ticket touting on ebay

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Come on ebay outlaw these obvious touts....i tried from 8am this morning to get on a site that was constantly busy, including their phone lines, all other sites were the same.

I was disgusted to find that within the hour oasis tickets were on sale on ebay outlandishly over priced.These are so obviously being sold by touts. A genuine fan wouldn't sell their precious tickets, unless nearer the time of the concert something unforseen happens and then perhaps they may consider selling. But these tickets were on sale as soon as they had been bought from the ticket agencies. One listing even had to change the day of the concert because when they got confirmation through they had been sold thursday instead of friday, for which they had listed.

If ebay continues to allow this practice then i say, bad practice ebay, you are encouraging the touts, and stopping genuine fans from getting fairly priced tickets.



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