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To ensure your lipstick stays put and your lips look luxurious, soft and moisturised lips are an absolutely must!


Top tip: Buy a few tubes of clear lip gloss and leave them on your desk, in your handbag, in your coat pocket and near your bed. That way you are always able to cover and protect your lips quickly and easily. Almost every high street brand does clear lip gloss; look for small tubes so they do not take up a lot of space. 


Here is my top tip for how to deal with dry lips on a wedding day...


From the 1st moment you wake up keep applying Vaseline Lip Therapy rosy lips. The balm itself is silky soft with the faintest hint of a rosy tint. The formula contains rose and almond oil. I love this product because it offers great value for money (less than £2) and has a very light texture.

Make sure your lips are covered with lip balm continuously. After just a few hours of balm treatment your lips should be silky soft once more.


To get rid of dry skin, take a toothbrush and gently exfoliate your lips ahead of the ceremony.


My all time favourite product for dry lips, although not specifically designed for this purpose, is NARS Multi-Action Hydrating Toner, which is perfect if you need to get your lips soft in minutes. It really gets rid of dry skin fast, leaving lips soft and silky.
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