typing badly.. but being understood

Like if this guide is helpful

im tyoing thios quite faast and make lots of tytpose.. what i type now is exactly as my  brain thijks and how my hands respond to the keys. concentratuion is important. obviously the more you concentraye tjehe  better you wioll type. Err well maybe... Course the tytopiong will contain mistakes .. its all to easy to do. but anyways . this is what i am terying to put over to you here.

quick typing and being undestoofd? yes? (hehheee )


thias is like a cionversation in real life.. you talkand type -as fast as talking yes?


its normally diffiuclt uless youre experienced. unless you keep correcting words.. jhopefully youll be understood by whom you are typing to.

grammer isnt that imnportant though.as long as words are understood ye?


abbreviatiomn s are greate top k use as well.

main trhing is to get acrooss what you mean..... sometimes you will find that a word you type is rubbish... then you feel for some reason you need to correct it. by all means do so.. it may be a riude wiord!!!.. or a wrong word

ibve typed for ages like this.. dont worry too much.. main thing is to get across whayt you think

and type it.. words can be understood.

right i just need a wee... but will contu=inue laterz.. enjoy your keybpard .. words are important peeps


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