- seems a scam site.;

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This site appears to be a total scam. I ordered 2 pairs of what seemed genuine Ugg boots that totalled £139.06 and when I checked my bank account (unfortunately I paid by debit card so am not covered by credit card terms) they had debited my account for £164.46. I called my bank who confirmed this transaction had left my account and then I sent the company 4 emails within 2 hours and have not yet received a reply. I do not expect to receive a reply. My bank have a transaction code and cannot give me anymore details until tomorrow but they cannot do anything about it as I paid from my bank account. So I have lost £164.46!!!!!!! SO ANGRY!

I am absolutely furious! Please, anybody reading this and considering buying discounted Ugg boots, be very careful. I googled this company and read a couple of 'good' consumer/customer reports on them, in hindsight they probably wrote the f***ing things. I also checked out their return policy, postage cost, secure ordering etc BEFORE ordering from them, I feel really stupid... in saying all of this, I have been shopping from online stores for years and always thought of myself as 'fraud aware' but clearly NOT! From what I have read they are probably based in China, the site seems very authentic, my bank took a look whilst they were talking to me and said that the site looked genuine.

I am not in a position where I can afford to lose this money, nobody is, but I have been saving for 6 months so that my daughter and I could finally have a pair of Ugg boots as we couldn't afford the prices in the shops. It is certainly true what is said, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Why do these shysters always manage to con the people that can least affort it?? I am heartbroken and am now sitting here thinking of all the things that the money could have gone to that would have made our life easier instead of thinking that we would have a 'treat'.


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