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ok now if your reading this guide ur already at your wits end trying to find a solution to ur little bundle of joy's sore botty believe me i've been there with my eldest child i never really needed anything more than a little sudocream now and again whats that i here you say "I'VE TRIED IT IT DOESN'T WORK" LOL i always wondered how some mothers would go on and on about there childs nappy rash then baby number 2 came along and yes you guessed it so did the extremly sore botty this is when i too became 1 of those mothers no matter what i did how often i changed his bum and chopped and changed products spent a fortune nothing soothed it by which time when he had a really bad flare up to be blunt it blead was red raw and he would shake wince and scream the only way i could clean him was by letting him sit in warm water and let that take it's course but this didn't help clear the rash up just clean the area until dadadadadaaaaaa i discovered well not personally of course metanium it's a little expensive at between £3-£4 pound a tube but a little goes a very very long way plus added benifit if you are at such a serious stage as i was you can get it on perscription from your gp so even better the cream itself is a mustardy yellow colour and is more like a paste than a cream all you need is about half ur little finger nail and believe me thats enough it spreads like a paste and doesn't fully penatrate the skin but byek it's good i've never looked back and wouldn't entertain anything else my son still has the odd flare up as his nappy rash seems to be induced by breaking new teeth in he doesn't get rosy cheeks or wingey just avery sore and painful bum i've just had baby number 3 and i'm well stocked up just incase she's the same. SO PLEASE DON'T DISPARE AND GIVE THIS AGO AS I'M SURE IF YOUR LIKE ME 3-4 POUND IS NOTHING IF IT MAKES YOUR BABY HAPPY AND CONTENTED IT'S SOLD AT MOST SUPERMARKETS ASDA TESCO BOOTS ETC HOPE YOU HAVE FOUND THIS HELPFUL AND I HOPE YOU FIND THE ANSWER IN METANIUM PLEASE IF YOU FIND THIS USEFULL PLEASE SAY SO AND TICK THE YES BOX THANKYOU
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