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As a carpet fitter for over 25 years i have seen what some people class as quaility or so called A grade products, some times its hard to spot a second grade they dont always have tears, rips or holes in them or maybe have a few inches of damage on the side.

When you buy a rubber underlay, if there are no apparent faults check the rippled underside ( the actual rubber ) it shoud be free from any imperfections such as drying out marks, ( ie : a crumbelling effect ) a common fault with seconds due to there not being enough oil in the rubber during manufacture, this causes the underlay to disintergrate rapidly and so will not last long enough to offer your carpet any protection.

Other types of underlay  ie our sattelite underlays or cloud 9 based which is of a full solid construction ( ie no bubbles or rippling effect ) can also be checked for consistency by ensuring the thickness is the same throughout the entire roll, has no areas of sub consistancy

Always ask before your supplier before you purchase your underlay to ensure that it is quality A grade. once you have recieved confirmation of this you then should be able to buy with confidence knowing that they have stated it is A grade. Then save and print this e mail for your peace of mind, knowing that you have something in writing should you have cause for complaint on deliery of your underlay.

Many people underestimate the importance of buying a premium or quality grade underlay, spending money on a good carpet then buying an insufficiant underlay is quite simply false ecomomy. for example a medium grade underlay fitted into a heavy wear area such as a main lounge or hall stairs and landing will not provide your carpet with enough support to validate your carpet guarantee, the underlay will flatten prematurly and this will drastically effect the lifespan, look and feel of your carpet. A quality or premium underlay may cost you a few more pounds at he outset but should last 3 times longer, therefore saving you money in the long run. Appart from protecting your carpet a quality underlay will also prvide exellent heat retention and sound insulation.

If you would like to ask any questions or would like advise on underlay products or any carpet fitting matters please feel free to send us an e mail through our e bay shop underlay 4 less or you can contact us via our e bay user name nelly 069.

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