unfair charges from the customs of the world

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please read as its very important for sellers to inform buyers in other contrys that customs tax is unfair and will be very much a problem financialy for the buyer a problem on delivery time for the seller is NOT guaranteed and a right royal pain in the backside for example i sold a crank to a really ace guy in chille for £70 and unfortunatly the cost of posting was the same as buying the crank this was a genuine cost and receipts were sent as proof then the goverment/customs decided they want £65 for sweet fa if you ask me its not worth it so im sorry to all the perfect buyers from abroad but i now because of this refuse to sell to other country its nothing personal its the rip off goverments and thier make it up allong the way prices im so sorry for my friend felipe in chille for he has been subjected to this unfair cost, just to say at no point what so ever was it the responsabillity of the seller or the buyer to have this treatment served upon them.


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