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Welcome to our WIG GUIDE
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Aftercare Instructions (synthetic materials):

Day to day care

For the best results and the prolonged life of your purchase, we recommend:
Before/after wearing, spray the fibre-hair lightly with some protection spray, then gently remove any knots and tangles with the fingers.
Scrunched permed models MUST NEVER BE BRUSHED --- arrange instead using fingers only or a wide tooth Afro comb. Straight or Waved style may be brushed through, using a WIG BRUSH.
If worn daily wash every 10 - 14 days, otherwise once a month is OK.

Washing Instructions:
Because fibre-hair is non-porous it does not need to be washed as frequently as our own human hair. To freshen your wig/hairpiece, please follow the steps below:
1. Prior to washing, remove all knots and tangles paying particular attention to the nape section. Permed and extra dry models should firstly be sprayed with some lubricant oil and worked through.
2. Fill a hand bowl with cold/tepid water and a little wig shampoo and very gently agitate your wig or hairpiece back and forth, in the water.
3. Gently rinse in clear cold/tepid water. A careful of fabric softener can be added to the water to help condition the fibre.
4. Pat gently on a towel to remove excess water.
5. Place on a block to dry naturally.
6. When completely dry, spray some protection spray and style.

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