using Paypal and credit cards to buy from ebay

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I have been using paypal now for 2 years or so...i found it pretty daunting to start with, but Paypal is an exceptionally conveinient way to pay for goods, and it is also very safe...if you keep your wits about you...

The site its self is flawless, but those individuals who would seek to gain your details for devious matters, are getting much cleverer now, and  everyone has to be aware of the scams about at the moment.

Any email you receive from Paypal, will show up on your "my ebay" messages board. Only official emails from any part of  Ebay will show on your messages, so if you receive an email from either paypal or ebay, always check your messages before you even think of replying to it...if you do not see the self same email in your messages, it is almost certainly a spoof email. this means that someone is trying to get your account, and credit card details...NEVER fill in a request for account information, which will mean divulging your password...on which will seem an original ebay message, but will infact be a very clever fraudulantly produced message...please request an email of the  latest spoof i received .this is a prime example of a spoof, but see how it imitates ebay, almost to the point of being convincing.... if you were to click onto the item number in question, it would take you to the sign in proceedure, you would enter your ID and password, as soon as you click the sign in button, your details would be in the hands of a theif, your whole ebay account would be at risk, and if you were using the same password for paypal, that to would be open to the theives...never use the same password for your paypal account, as you use for your ebay account please request a copy of the email via my Ebay ID militariapathfinder617, sending your personal email address, so i can foward you a copyIt is very easy to get fooled by these emails..they will describe for example, an issue with your account, like an unpaid item dispute, or that you have not paid your ebay fees, or that you need to confirm your ebay account details..and many more, which are becoming cleverer every time.with emails looking stunningly similar to ebays official emails..but the fail safe net is too check your messages in "my ebay"...if the self same message does not appear there, it is a spoof mail..... Do not answer any questions it may ask, do not give out any account information (ebay and paypal, will never ask you to confirm any of these details)..and no matter how intimidating the email may be, do not answer it immediatly to ebays trust and safety team

A word of warning too, regarding the use of your credit cards to make listing your credit card on paypal, you can make safe and secure payments to sellers....if the seller requests your card details, so they can take a direct payment from it, without haveing payapl as a "go between" risk opening your card up to any ammount of debits, without your authorisation...once a seller has your card details, and the security number on the reverse, your card is as good as theirs..they can use your card in the same way you do, because they have the same authorisation details as you have...unless you are 100% sure that the person you give details to are reliable and honest, NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR dose not take long for someone else to empty your credit card of its funds....even if you know the person is reliable, always request that your account/CC details be destroyed after the transaction. It may be a bind, having to go through the details every time you want to make a payment, but its safest to do it that way...The truly safest method is by far, registering your CC on paypal, and making your payments via Paypal...

Ask me how i know all bank account was drained of £4000, and my credit card run up to its limit, before i even knew what was happening, because i gave my details to someone i thought i could trust..always act with caution every time, never drop your guard when it comes to your money, and account details....simple matter is, Ebay and Paypal would not have to ask you to confirm your details, because they already have them!!!..

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