using pva bags in carp and catfish fishing

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hi,, pva bags are probably one of the best things that have happened in carp fishing for many years. Getting your bait down to the lake bed in the middle of pile of bait what more could you want ???

A few years back baiting was not quite as easy as we have it now, with the aid of pva bags we can now put oir baits in amongst free offerrings every time we cast ont into the lake or river or even sea.

We can cast 10 yards or 110 yards with the same effect. spot on baiting every time. Pva is used to great effect now and will be for a long time into the future. We can use all types of bait including liquids that can attract fish to our baits from a greater distance.

Liquid attractors are I think are being used more and more now in conjuntion with pva bags. Oil based liquids can be used safely in bags and can be added to pellets and boilies to increase their pulling power. We make extra small pva bags especially for this purpose. The bags are 35 x 85 mm and can be filled purely with liquid attractor by using a sirynge to fill the bags then just lick n stick em, easy.

We at katch karp have now introduced a range of bags for catfish. Bot just any bag either, as you would expect, we have produced the largest purpose made catfish bag , dare I SAY IN THE WORLD.

Our bags for catfish are huge just like the catfish you can catch using them. We needed to produce a bag that was large enough to take a lot of bait also was thick enough to hold, the bait, and would not rupture too soon after it was submergered in the water.

We did it to great effect, we produced a bag 400 x 700 in a strong material that ruptures at around 60 secs. This means that anglers can get their baits down to the bottom in deep water with little effort, in particular they can be very usefull when fishing in Spain on the Ebro. I have just had photos back from one happy customer with cats over 100 lbs going to 138lbs.

these massive bags can have a use in carp fishing as well, why not fill with dirt or gravel and drop over the side onto a heavily weeded area with your bait placed on  top. ????

pva bags think about it there are plenty of uses out there just find one to fit your idea.        

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