variety of books, how to choose?

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Ebay is great for buying "books" as they have some real hidden gems. Searching for one book you want could reveal an entire series you wanted but thought you would never find. Using key words can give a general search or a very specific search.
Childrens books, horrors, thrillers, romance action, sci-fi, you name it they have it.

A great way to first look at how to know which genre suits you is to look at your interests and which genre closest matches. then check if the age and content is appropriate for the reader. after that pick a book if you read it and don't think its for you you can always sell it on and try a new genre.

Childrens books can be broken down into different genres that are all written appropriately for their age which means if the like unicorns and dragons or shopping and drama there is an age appropriate book out there.

Horror can be timid or extremely graphic and everything in between, try to read the blurb of a book before you buy as you could order it, wait three weeks and then realise you don't like it.

romance books can range from sweet to raunchy so beware of buying as a gift for certain age groups as content may not be appropriate.

Reading should be encouraged at all ages as it improves brain power, no matter which genre you like. So enjoy your books and ebay is great for recycling books you no longer want as someone else may love it.
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