warning about davoski

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Just a warning about a ebay member who goes by the name  vdavoski

I sold him a laptop, Apple ibook g4, which was in very good working order when i had it, and was in the same condition when i sent it. The buyer gets it and claims sometime after that it was faulty and was not working, I have aked him for pictures to prove this but wont send any, i have asked him everyday for the last 4 days and he just tells me he will send them to ebay if they ask for them.  i have told him to send the item back but is refusing too. He has told me and i quote

Buyer`s message,

i am not asking YOU to refund, thats why this dispute is opened i will get refund from ebay You will see - Do not worry,

he is expecting to keep the laptop and get refunded

I think i stumbled on the reason he is not sending it back or sending any pictures to show me the fault, is that he is taking working parts to repair other ibooks, or is hoping to get a free laptop by making false claims.

i have been in contact with someone he else he bought a laptop from and looks like the same is happening to him, 

Thought i would warn other members about his behavior, i dont want people getting in to the same trap i have clearly fallen in to. 

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