water cooling with a fridge and no peltiers or phase

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after playing with phase cooling and peltiers for many years i made the right decision and changed to water cooling and have since strived to find the best way to water cool a pc=

 i have a zalman reserator that i have used with 3 peltiers ( put a peltier on a spare water block instead of directly onto the cpu its safer and gains you 3 degrees c) peltiers are always going wrong and my pc was running at 40"c (dual core clocked from 3.4 to 4.4) the easiest solution was to stick the reserator and a very large radiator and fan in a fridge a hole in the side of the fridge for the cables and an external pump to go the extra distance ( fridge 2m away from the comp) my lovely comp is now running at 18"c and all has been well for 2 months now it is a cheap and very efficient way of doing serious cooling to a pc without the risk of peltiers and phase cooling ( had a vapochill  and killed one motherboard and chip but i did achieve -80"c with windows loaded)

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