webstorez - Avoid at all costs!

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Please think very carefully before using this crook.  This seller, located in Hong Kong, is just disasterous.  Webstorez claim to ship items in 24 hours.  The item I won was sent two weeks after I paid for it.  Eight weeks later, and I had received only half of the order, and eventually had to rebuy the items again, elsewhere.  UPDATE: I never received the items at all, in the end.

This seller tries to twist and worm out of refunding the buyer.  The responses to questioning emails are simply idiotic.  They stall for time by asking for your contact details over and over again.  They also intimidate people from leaving truthful, negative feedback, by returning it, to buyers unfortunate enough to have used this very poor, shoddy service.  You can see all the timid 'neutrals' on the webstorez feedback.

I am very interested about how they are managing to keep a business running on such a fraudulant basis?  eBay and Paypal seems to be doing absolutely nothing about this turnip. Obviously they don't want to lose the money they are making from the seller fees. They couldn't care less that people are being ripped off. 

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