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Ebay shop's

Only up to last year i had never been onto ebay and as im one of those people that will only pop into town when realy needed as i hate all the running around, kid's playing up and standing in the shop's checkouts waiting to pay. So when i was told about ebay and shop's i thought lets have a look and im glad i had. Iv sold goods know myself for a number of years and within a month i became a seller on ebay. My life is so much slower know as i list all my goods though my ebay shop know and realy i dont miss all the running around and doing home party's. Mind you there is one thing i do miss and thats meeting new people but even on ebay iv meet some realy nice people on line!!!

It's great when i sell my good's and buyer's leave there feedback. iv had some very kind word's from buyer's and it makes my day.

Iv found out as well that you dont need to meet people in person to try and help people them. Iv helped buyer's & buyer's have helped me.

I visit the blog land sometime's and there you can find lot's of help & advice plus people to talk to on line.

Best of all about ebay for myself is looking around the ebay shop's and looking for a bargain,there is all way's a bargain to be found.

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