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iPhone 6In recent years we've officially morphed into the generation of the smart phone, and no other device is more instantly recognisable than the iPhone. 
Since they first popped onto the scene with ludicrously curved backs and Minority Report touch-technology they've very quickly become one of the most popular phones on the planet. And with the release of the latest addition iPhone 6 that isn't about to change any time soon. The new phone is an all (Siri) singing and dancing talky handset of awesomeness. 

[Rechargeable iPhone case]
Rechargeable iPhone caseRechargeable iPhone caseWhilst phones have got a damn sight better since you were originally rocking up to sixth form with a talking brick, their battery life has admittedly suffered. With great power comes… serious lack of power, apparently. 
Which is why these super-futuristic chargers are a worthy investment for anyone that plans to spend at least 12 hours away from a suitable electrical source. It’ll be your nerdy new best friend. 

[Beats by Dre (wireless)]
Beats by Dre (wireless)Beats by Dre (wireless)You’ve got the phone, you’ve got (almost) unlimited amounts of power, and you’ve painstakingly spent the last few weekends burning all of your old CDs into your iTunes. It makes sense then that you want to let your earhole listen to them all in the pristine audio-quality they deserve. 
Bag yourself some serious headphones like these Beats by Dre. 

[Google Chromecast]
Google ChromecastGoogle ChromecastUltimately as awesome as mobile phones are, you can’t be glued to them all of the time, sometimes you need to let go. And watch TV. Or three thousand You Tube videos featuring cats falling off things. 
Chromecast is a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV and transforms your usual television set into an internet boosted entertain hub of awesomeness. Letting you pull in a bazillion different apps from your phone (see how we brought it back into the loop?), laptop or tablet so that you can watch pretty much every form of internet based media ever without huddling around a dimly lit LED screen on your lap. 

[Leatherman multi-tool]
Leatherman multi-toolLeatherman multi-toolBecause above all, it’s important to never forget your primal manly instincts and there’s nothing quite like a Leatherman to bring it out of you. Plus, whilst all the above is undoubtedly brilliant, if the zombie apocalypse ever does arrive it’s not going to do jot. Leatherman’s always got your back. 



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