what is involved in p&p costs

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unfortunately i have noticed that some buyers seem to feel my post costs are high.. this is rather upsetting as i only ever charge actual costs to me, nothing hyoed no profits added, so here is my breakdown of my postage costs. the price royal mail or other companies charge is  not the cost to the seller !!

firstly, i have to say, to pack a piece of china secure enough to travel the world takes time and effort.

you wouldn't want your fragile item sent  without care taken or the time to pack it... would you ?

some parcels can take up to 10 minutes or more to pack !! i can spend most of  the  day packing parcels, and still have to fulfill my family duties on top of this picking kids up from school cooking dinner cleaning particularly the mess ive nade packing !! lol . then i have to take them all to the post office and send them... not an easy day i can tell you. 

secondly, the cost of tapes, jiffy bags,  labels, packaging and boxes, is not cheap, not the amount i use anyway, so this needs to be taken into consideration too, i use brown parcel tape, fragile tapes, celloptapes, bubble wrap, address labels polystyrene  and either bags or boxes for all my parcels ..  this is costly to me. 

so, before you tick the little circle that says my post is unreasonable, please look at what is in your parcel, how many packaging materials were used, how long it may have taken me to pack it that way and remember ... the price on the stamp is not the actual cost of post in ALL cases... moan over, have fun ebaying and look after yourselves ! 

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