what is it with people....

Like if this guide is helpful

what is it with people...

i no that people like to get a bargain but come on! i sell lots of stuff on ebay and at cheap and reasonable prices but i always get the wise ass that says i will give you this for that cos its not complete there a few dvds missing. well if you are not happy with what i have got go and buy it from somewhere else.

like i had this one guy and he wanted to buy somethink from me, but he was saying that you can get it cheaper from here and that would we accept a cheaper price but the thing that this bloke had to remember was that was a large company, this ebayer is just me and my boyfriend and all we r tryingto do is fund our wedding. and so we r not going to let things go for pennies. and also cd and dvd we sell them to and clothes and people just dont want to 99p for these things but they can pay a lot of money for other items that can be fakes and crap copies.

i just dont understand ne more!!!

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