what is the next clarice cliffe

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stratton compactsprices to increase! maybe?

    I belive that in todays competitive collectables market. We should be looking for something that is more suitable todays lifestyles! 

I belive that Stratton compacts especialy, or any other small object is the way forward. What with todays small apartments in citys .And smaller rooms in new build houses. People are looking for something small and even carriable 24hrs to collect. And I belive that compacts especialy Strattons are the answer to that question.

many ladies and even men are resorting to collecting compacts. Not only are they attractive they are also functional. Essential with todays philosophy of apperance is everything.

So I suggest that you keep an eye on this market. As in the last month I have noticed a increase in price of compacts at auction and I belive on ebay to. happy trading and forgive the spelling but do keep an eye out for bargains you can,t lose. i belive. After all you cant take a piece of clarice cliffe to the party to show your friends can you. A compact you can.





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