what to look for when buying pushchairs of ebay

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if your in the market for upgrading or down grading you current bubba's wheels then this is the thing to read

firstly once you know what you want (i know this can be hard if ur like me and want one of everything lol)checkout both old and new as sometimes people selling used one's want near enough the same as it is for a new one. if USED is the path for u make sure theres plenty of pictures as the camera rarely lies if there isn't any pics ask seller why or if they can email u some there can sometimes be a reason i.e. seller doesn't want to show pics as it's not the condition they make out. look for good discriptions the ones that say warts and all are usually good sellers who let u know what you are getting and they are normally able to answer any question u have and are very aproachable BEWARE the sellers who avoid certain answers or skip round them again theres usually a reason.

good questions to ask

how old it is, how many children have used it, why they are selling it, is there any marks rips stains scratches broken bits etc, do all the wheels work, are any worn down more than others,are any of them buckled do the brakes work, is there any rust spots, does the recline work properly

i know this may sound a little ott but at the end of the day it's ur money u should know all the facts. also be careful of buyers that answer emails not through ebay as if there is a problem or they have answered a question untruthfully u have no proof unless it is in ebay message i.e. u ask seller are there any rips seller responds though normal email no item arive with large rip in seat fabric u open dispute ebay will not acknowledge normal email on ebay email(MESSAGE)

ALSO CHECKOUT COMPLETED LISTINGS this is easy enough to do and it gives you an idea of how much u should pay


most sellers use stock pictures which aren't always ideal as you don't get a good idea of what item really looks like in the flesh i try to use both and normally take on average 12 pics to display a pushchair (max aloud) and always say that i can provide more if requested or that people are welcome to view but hey not all sellers are like me lol

also take into account that most new items are from people who work 9-5 on ebay so questions may take longer to answer or even when answered there not always that helpful as they don't always know the inns and outs of the item. i myself try to do as much research as pos in advance and display all on listing (but then again there isn't much i don't already know being a buggy holic)

also try to watch for sellers ripping u off on postage costs they may have item on buy it now for £35 and £25p&p ever other bin is £45 and £10p&p they don't get charged fees on postage cost so try to sell for less and add onto postage tut tut tut

when you have bought the item ask seller how and when item will be sent ask if there is a tracking number available so u can check up when it will mostlikely be with u

never leave feedback before u receive the item make sure you check it out first then if there is a problem you can contact seller and there usually helpful enough theres no piont in leaving neg feedback straight away as it usually only results in u getting the same and 9/10 times the problem is easily resolved

well now you have read this don't just sit there go buy that buggy and get a bargain

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