what, why, installation, ratings of dimmer switches

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Dimmer Switches are a useful bit of kit, there are probably lots of questions you have always wondered and wanted to ask, hopefully some of the answers are below:

You can have what is known as a rotary dimmer, or.............
The remote and touch dimmer, it does everything a standard rotary dimmer would do, just leave your fingers on the centre to dim rather than twist the dimmer. Also control your lights by remote control, on/off and dim through the range, 2% to 100%

Benefits of Dimmers:

Using less power for your lights creating mood lighting will save you energy, why use full power when you might only need 50%? Exactly and save yourself some money on energy bills at the same time....

All the Varilight dimmers I sell here on ebay are quality items, you won't get any buzzing at all.....

Dimmer Ratings:

Some electricians say you need to use only 50% of the dimmer rating, so if you used 5 x 40w standard bulbs, 200w, you would have to use a 400w dimmer.

This is not the case with the Varilight intelligent remote and touch dimmers, here with the 400w dimmer, you could use 10 x 40w bulbs and the dimmer would work perfectly.

Note that standard bulbs won't be available come 2011, so check out our Energy saving dimmable light bulbs available now, use them with dimmer switches and save energy at the same time (1/2 a tonne of Co2 and over £100 of energy bills per bulb).

You can also use the switch dimmable light bulb with a standard rocker switch, which would take the dimmer switch out of the equation completely, see the switch dimmable bulb details in my ebay store today.

Any other questions let me know, this page will be updated monthly as I get regular questions through ebay every day.

Ben Sunderland

update BKS 07/10/08 = With winter coming along and lights on even more, it is important to use a dimmer switch to be able to vary your lighting, dropping the power down a little, will help save energy, with our switches you won't get any buzzing, all you will get are excellent dimming functions.
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