which nappy to choose ?

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disposable nappy and reusable nappy for babies

Hi.... now its been 20 months i am buying baby products for my baby boy and i am quite good in this shop after all this experiance and like to share this on the page so this would be useful for mum to be ....i have used both the type of nappy and can let you know briefly about this 
disposable nappy like pampers .......
i have used pampers brand for disposable nappy and this bran is very good for baby skin and also fulfill our expectation and they are also send money off vouchers related to the nappy size and also send one sample of nappy in initial days  you are using at that time so it will be save some money for shopping 
Love these nappies, very comfortable and never any leaking. They can stay on for quite a while if we forget to change him and although he does wake up during the night for a feed I often leave the nappy on rather than wake him properly up to change him! I thought these nappies were fab, with a wetness indicator to which is simple for my partner to use being a man and all that. I found they were not as bulky when wet, however they can be quite pricey even with staff discount .....Vary pleased with this nappy - kept my baby dry all night without any leaks. The nappy itself is quite thin, hence it is quite "full" in the morning, but still doesn't leak.
Completely satisfied.
reusable nappy like bumgenius nappy
i have try reusable nappy as well for my baby and have different experiance with that product ...Reusable nappies - also known as washable nappies, cloth nappies or real nappies - have evolved significantly in the past decade and are a popular choice for eco-conscious parents, Reusable nappies come in a vast range of colour and fabrics. They  look like disposables and can be just as easy to put on and take off again.
babies use around 6 to 12 nappies a day in the first few months, and don't potty train until at least 24 months old. Reusable nappies work out cheaper option  than disposables, especially if you use traditional terry nappies rather than the modern, fitted equivalent. You'll be paying more initially (you'll need around 16 to 24 nappies in total) but the costs will be lower overall than the disposable nappy 
I have used these nappies for the last 4 months changing from close parent pop-ins to bumgenius. They are so much softer than pop ins, and easier to wash and quicker to dry. I haven't had any leaks with these. The down sides are that the nappies are a bit boring as I like patterned nappies. All of my bumgenius are snaps instead of Velcro which I love, as the Velcro really hurts my fingers. Definitely one of my favourite nappies. Havered about Bumgenius elementals as main daytime nappy as not cheap but they are stupendously good. Comfy, really slim, appear leakproof even in my idiot hands. Superadjustable too. Wish I'd changed to them earlier than when LO was 8 weeks.
Slightly slow to dry - take a day on the line or day & overnight on the air but not a problem with 1 or 2 spares

so there is a vast range of comparison between this two type of nappy so can choose accordingly for your little one ....

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