why do ebay let dvd pirates operate??

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i have recently been sold a DVDR & it didnt even work. despite all my efforts this seller still continues to sell counterfiet DVDs. he uses the excuse "its in the public domain & not breaking any copyright laws" i know this is not the case, its just a way of a seller getting around ebays checks.. this sellers feedback says everything about what he is doing. i notice for some reason if you sell using buy it now, counterfiets seem to get through ebays checks a lot more???

anyways... back to my dodgy seller story...

i even emailed this dodgy seller before makning payment & he assured me it was not a copy. but alas it was., i tried to get a refund. the seller said return the item & they will send me another from their supplier-whatever that means!?!?! i refused to return the item as i wanted a refund 1st. they again said no as they didnt know if i was trustwothy enough to send me another one off without me returning the other one 1st.. the cheek, i wasnt the dishonest one here! i bought this item in good faith.. eventully the seller agreed to send me a replacement.. i dont want another copy DVDR that wont work thanks. not that i have received the replacement anyway!!!

 the seller was sungsamsung by the way. so watch out anyone who deals with him. SELLER HAS CHANGED EBAY ID TO ANGELALPHA

i hope ebay do their job soon thats all i can say....

many thanks for your time fellow ebayers

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