why i bought a maclaren & sold my quinny zapp...

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after reading another ebay members guide on why they sold their quinny zapp,i thought i'd add my experience with the quinny zapp also......
 i bought a gorgeous looking brand new  quinny zapp for my 6 months old baby girl,costing just under £150....firstly,i cannot stress how hard it was to put up,
     secondly it does'nt lie back at all, my daughter would  cry as she could'nt get to sleep, or she would look extremely uncomfortable-with her head flopped on one shoulder.
      thirdly- you cannot and must not EVER put a bag on the handles , no matter how light the bag is!!! although it does state this in the instruction booklet,it is all to tempting,when your holding a crying baby in one arm, a baby changing bag in the other to put the recently purchased shopping bag onto the handle! i did exactly  this whilst in town ,on a curb beside a busy road-and the quinny zapp fell over,nearly taking me and  baby with it into the road. my partner also did this whilst baby was IN the  quinny and  it fell backwards with baby in it.you can purchase a basket for underneath,but the one i had was very awkward to put things in because of the bars of the quinny zapps chassis.
    fourthly- as we live in the country,the quinny zapp did'nt suit us because all the curbs and lanes we walked on a regular basis were not flat and the quinny found them very hard to manouvre. i reluctantly bought a maclaren to replace the quinny zapp , i say reluctantly because i did and still do love the ergonomic look of the quinny zapp & i did get alot of comments on it's appearance,but for practical purposes i find the maclaren alot easier and less stressful!!
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