why it is important to hpi and check a vehicle.

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i have been in and around the car business for a long time and a hpi vehicle check must be done before bidding or even going to look at a car and i find that now it is needed more than ever before.
example :: i am looking for a little run around for my wife and i come across a honda jazz with the seller saying it was a category D write off which is supposed to be light damage and all work has been done as i know cars a cat d does not bother me so i hpi the car as i always do and low and behold the car has been a category C write off not once but twice? 2009 and 2010, i try to report the item to the site but the site does not have a section that covers this so i cannot say why i am reporting it.
another example::  a friend who went and bought a car knowing that if a car has been wrote off it is listed on the front of the logbook as having a VIC check which tells you it has been a write off and been put back on the road but what he did not know is that that only covers a category C write off a category D write off does not need a VIC check so it is not put on the logbook so he bought a cat d write off car and there was nothing he could do.
there is also other ways that dishonest people can trick you, 1 is having a duplicate logbook that has not been taken/given by/to the insurance company,or very common ones are :: 2 they only have the green slip of the logbook,3 i have lost the logbook, and there are other ways the 3 above i have explained are just the most common ways.
so please do yourself a big favor do not believe anybody just get a quick hpi vehicle check before bidding on a auction site or buying a vehicle privately.
i use mycarcheck as it is the cheapest, at the moment £2.95p for the basic one and i have found that it picks up everything you need to know but there are dozens out there that you can use,ebay does one themselves.
just make sure you dont get caught out by this as there is dishonest people out there and for the sake of a few pound it can save you thousands.
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