why shouldnt i buy a cheap trampoline

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We get asked this question every day on the phone and also get requests to price match the £99 package you can buy from a lot of the big stores that sell trampolines every summer and this is what we say.

Atlantictrampolines are a specialist trampoline supplier, we have been in business for over 5 years and have used the same supplier in all that time as they offer a well built sturdy product that confirms to all the UK safety standards, we also stock a full range of replacement parts and your warranty on all our products is with us, which is great should you ever need any parts replacing under your warranty.

The big stores that always seem to sell trampolines during the summer months will change their supplier on a yearly basis, it all depends on who will give them the best price for that season, now whilst this is good for the customer in terms on getting a trampoline at the best price, its bad in terms of that should you ever need replacement parts, you will find them very hard to get hold of, most of the time the big stores will not hold any stock of replacement parts but instead will give you the details of their supplier for that season and suggest you contact them, great i hear you say but maybe not as good as you think as a majority of these suppliers are based in Asia and it will probably cost you as much as the trampoline cost just to get the replacement parts sent over, that's if the supplier is still manufacturing that brand.

Not all trampolines have the same design and yes a number of companies in the UK do supply trampoline parts but they may not be compatible with the cheaper trampolines that flood the UK market during the summer months.

Before you decide which trampoline to buy your children, ring the company's or speak to their advisor's in-store and see how much they know about their products, now ring Atlantictrampolines and ask the same questions, we are a company that knows our products inside out and we can also supply the best quality trampolines at prices that other well known brands find hard to compete it.
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