wii fit, why pay more than £69.99????

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As my daughters birthday is fast approaching, she recently presented me with a list of things she would like, at the top of the list, the dreaded Wii Fit, my heart sank, and I thought I'd be forced to pay the over inflated price on ebay as I, like most parents, will do anything to ensure that my children are not dissapointed. Well 4 days later I had a Wii Fit, delivered to the door for the retail price of £69.99 plus £5.95 for delivery. A friend of mine also wanted one for her son and when she was passing Game, she called in and there was one in stock!!! Then, the following week my sister in law decided she wanted one, and had one from Toys r us the SAME DAY!!!

I got mine by joining a website called wiipreorder, they will text and email you when an online store has these back in stock, usually several times a day, but you have to act quick when you receive the notice, especially to get them at the retail price.

It is also worth mentioning that when I called Argos to confirm my order they told me they do sometimes have them in stock but have not put them online, "reserve stock" they called it, so before paying the prices on here, give them a ring and join the website, you may not be as lucky as me and my friends, but in our experience Wii Fit's ARE NOT THAT HARD TO GET HOLD OF!!!!

I expect I'll annoy some people on here who will try and say that selling them on ebay "is good for business" but I won't fall for it, what is good for business, is to leave them in the shop where you find them and let someone who really wants one get it at the right price, usually as a gift for their child.

I hope you find this guide helpful and you get the product you want, at the price you want to pay, good luck!!!!!!!

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