window tinting-some more myths explored

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ok,quite a lot of you found my last review helpful so as ive got a plentiful supply of beer ill ramble on about it a bit more.

film...its like paint. no 2 shades are the same.even if you have 2 rolls supplied from a dealer chances are that using a piece from 1 roll to do a front window(haha! show car of course officer) and the same shade from  a 2nd roll,they will be slightly different.

ask yer dad about wallpaper,they have batch numbers to make sure the colour doesnt change as you go around the room. so if you get a busted window(or yer missus gets a major knee trembler on and lets off with the stilettos) then matching up the film to the other windows can be quite difficult.

and so to the film itself. i get a lot of chancers ringing up trying to  get a cheap deal cos they got the film already(usually from a motor accessory shop or from ebay) and they want me to fit it for b****r all(is b****r an ebay word? i had a listing pulled the other day for a 4 letter word beginning with t and ending with t which i didnt think was offensive at all but theres always someone who wants to moan isnt there?)

anyway, most cheap film is basically pants,its single ply clear polyester film and the colour is in the adesive,its similar to food dye. ever seen an imported shogun with "purple" tinted windows? or even clear "security" film thats ripped,usually on jap imports?

this is just cheap  film thats bleached out in the sun,it doesnt have any ultraviolet filter in it! bacsically it breaks down the moment you get it out in the sun.if you peel it off a window with a black border(matrix dot or solid) you will see the origional tint where it fitted behind the border. it doesnt have a scratch resistant coating either,so wiping the window,repetant winding up n down to check yer homies, frantic small dogs thrashing away at everything that passes by, or wayard blims will all leave their tag in your glass,ive seen em all.

its also rubbish to apply,almost impossible to heat shrink( and thats why you see so many imports with 3 strips across the back window) and usually theres just enough to do the windows once.

now maybe im fussy or maybe im pants at my job( ive bin doing it 6 years now and they still keep coming back) but i seldom do a car in one hit-ie if i mess 1 piece up or it doesnt look right then i have to do it again. so if 2 rolls will just about do your car then you should allow for 3 to cover mistakes,(4-6 on a sat morning) which works out a lot more than using high quality film from a professional tinter.

and what a lot of films there are! budget dyed poly, metallic poly, hybrid poly and now super spaceage all singing ceramic...wooo hooo!

they all do specific jobs but i dont have enough beer to go into it all,it basically evolves around cost, style, heat control pay for what you get.

and then theres non reflective,semi reflective, mirror,gradient tint and so on. the list is enormous but most people are only interested in limo or "legal" for the fronts. i keep around 10-15 colours/shades to cater for most needs.

and then theres the cost-well,im not a greedy bloke and my prices are very fair but its all relevent. buy a bag of plaster and smear it on a wall-doesnt look quite the same as what  a plaster would of done does it?

i quite often trade a car tint for  building work i could do myself but want done properly,different skills,different deals,innit?

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