wrapping of fragile objects

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Hello Anita here,

This subject must be getting tedious for you readers out there but sad to say, I am here to nag yet again about parcel wrapping, especially of ceramic objects. In this day and age as scant respect is paid to customers parcels whilst being processed, (this I can honestly say is through 5 bad experiences.) Here is what I fear that sellers now have to do,

1) have plastic wrapping

2) a very strong box

3) plenty of bubble wrap/ foam pieces to place object into so it does not move.

This is being written as I have had three smashed Top Gear Stig money boxes, 2 were sent to me, 1 was sent back to the seller. My grandson was very upset as each one was purchased to replace the previous smashed money box but thanks to certain processing sections at a certain royal .... company he did not receive one . At the time of writing this guide no apology was received from the royal ....

Sorry to nag but people have to be reminded of  how things are in this day and age


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