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How many of us have researched our family history, diligently uncovering long lost facts about long lost relatives?

Now, how many of you same good people have taken time out to actually record your own life story?

Quite an incongruous imbalance then?

How much more sensible to record what you actually know , can easily do, and furthermore  witness the pleasure that that knowledge gives to your descendants? But no, we would rather delve into centuries past than record the here and now!

How perverse is human nature!

Perhaps writing your life story somehow feels like making out your will-a reminder of your own mortality?

Perhaps it feels too much like hard work?

Well, tell that to Shakespeare, I say! Isn't it a good job that Shakie or our more contemporary heroes like Alan Bleasdale didn't flinch at a bit of writing!! What the world would have missed!

Writing is a joy. It releases the soul and gladdens the heart of both writer and reader. Your life is precious and is worthy of recording and it's FUN, in a world that needs all the fun it can get!

onceuponalife is a company that wants to bring the joy of writing to everyone. We offer D.I.Y. life story writing books ,so  everyone can record their lives, enjoy the memories and get a lasting legacy of their story so far! It's also good  no frills therapy, - a way to clearly assess who you are and where you're going in the future.

Checkout our website onceuponalife for great gift ideas that might not change your life but will certainly get it into print!

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