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just a simple message to ebay buyers!!!! always make sure there's a picture of the actuall item not one off a website shop also the description should be written in their own words if you copy and paste their description into a seach bar and it comes up with an online shop it obviously the wrong description or dishonest!
in other words its all false, an example - i won a subwoofer description said " brand new" i got it delivered and it was dented scratched covered in dust and oil???? and there was perminent marker all over it! so what part of that is new??? not only that but the description clearly said that the wires and remote were included hense the advert off the online shop which ment i got a subwoofer that was used and dirty and there were no wires to even plug it in and test it also no remote!
now im not an unreasonable person i didn't mind too much about the dirt its easly cleaned up but how was i supposed to set the thing up without any wires or power lead to start with!!!!
sellers who are lazy enough to copy and paste a picture and description obviously dont care that the buyer is gettin false information!
now i know alot of scams on ebay are to do with buyers claiming back their money and not sending the item back to the seller, but what happens when you've got an item that is not what you payed for then you get told to send it back paying for the postage and wait to see if the seller gives you your money back? i dont think people are that honest nowadays!!!!
all's i can say is make sure what your bidding for is the actuall item described if you are unsure always check their feedback even if the good outweighs the bad remember seller can leave good feedback on their own page, or get their friends to. other then that i am no longer using ebay i would rather pay the extra money for a brand new item off a safe website or shop, its a shame we cant trust people anymore how very sad these people are and if they knew what an honest job was they should get one! its better to know you'll recive what you payed for and you know your not getting ripped off or scammed!
i hope this has helped if not just be causious there are alot of scammers on ebay its easy to do it and get away with it. and for those that are scammers trading standards will get you and you know who you are im reporting you good luck getting anyone to buy off you now!!!

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