ww2 american mk2 frag grenade fakes

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please be aware when buying grenades under the title ww2 frag grenade..the fake mk2 almost always has a blue m22 practice lever and fuze on it..the real mk2 frag had a m10a1/2/3 leve/fuze without the 2 prongs on the igniter head,instead opting for the turned over effect.the lever of a high explosive mk2 frag is ovulated towards the base and not dog legged as with the m22 lever.the igniter head of the genuine mk2 will be maizac with a flash tube 2-3 cm long... also on the body fake tends to be wider at the shoulders and the segments are are more rounded where as with the real grenade the segments are more straight edged.also the fake 9 times out of ten will have a hole in the bottom ,now this is true of the genuine mk2 frag rfx practice from post/pre war,but any grenade colored OD green with rfx is a fake rendition of a high explosive grenade..only experience will tell you when you have been stitched up and sold a duff grenade..i Hope this helps as I'm at my wits end when grenades are sold as genuine when all the ebayers of any stature ordnance wise are screaming no there not..if you are in any doubt and need assistance whether to bid or not,dont hesitate to contact me by email,just send a pic or item number to zachary_binx2003@msn.com



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