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07 Aug, 2014 01:48:39 BST
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Subject: religious spiritual relic  
I am going to start off telling you about this book and how I came about getting it and let me stress, I am not a religious person at all. Quite a few years ago I met a man in Minneapolis who owned a little shop. We had got to talking and he gifted me a virgin mary magnet, rosary beads and a beautiful saints bracelet for my daughter. I went back to see him a year later and he told me that he had something I would really love! It was a huge Virgin Mary blanket, and yup, I did love it! I bought it from him and brought it home, where my husband quickly claimed it as his own. When we were done renovating our living room I really thought something was lacking in the decor. I decided to look on ebay for some paintings and I found exactly what I was looking for! It was a beautiful painting of the virgin with baby jesus in her arms. I cannot really explain why I thought it was perfect, since I wasn't really looking for any biblical relics.  Along the lines of finding this particular painting I decided to check through ebay to make sure I was getting a proper price, and this book popped up with the virgin mary holding the baby jesus, just like the painting! The book was a massive leather bound book with an embossed design around it and on the binding. And there glowing in gold was the words "life of the blessed virgin! I had not been in the market for anything like this but something was just screaming at me that I had to have it! there was a reason for finding it amongst some paintings of Mary. I talked to my husband that evening and he insisted that I wait on it since it wasn't something that we needed or would even normally buy. I couldn't get it out of my head! I dreamed about it! It was all I could really think about! How stupid, right? Its just an old book. Well, to make a long story a little shorter, I bought it! And once it came I was really surprised by its size and weight. It is quite a big solid book! It was so big that I couldn't fit it in the bookshelf so I put it on top of the shelf for safe keeping. I was disappointed that I could not really display it anywhere proper, but I thought once the house is finished with the renovations and the kids are older I will find someway to display it beautifully! I even considered getting an antique church alter or something of the like. Anyway, there it sat collecting dust, nearly forgotten for years, while  things drastically changed for us. We had a large family to take care of and a house half torn apart for renovations, thats when my husband's back goes out. He spent the next 3 years nearly bedridden in pain, going from one doctor to another, before we found a proper doctor who actually did a proper assessment and found that he had two crushed discs and needed surgery.  By that time, money was a huge issue for us. All of our savings was gone and we had to cash in our rrsps.  We slowly started to get a handle on things and it looked like we were moving forward after the second surgery. Renovations were being finished off in certain rooms, as we had all the supplies just sitting there for the last few years any way. His back was doing so well that he could actually do the work now.  That was when I remembered "the book!" I took it down and displayed it for christmas on a lowboy hutch, surrounded by candles….it was beautiful! And how the gold glowed in the candle light! Shortly after christmas we had a terrible spill of candle wax which totally freaked me out! I did not want the book ruined so I put it back up on the top of the bookshelf.  And this is where the story gets weird…..  Two days after that I had a friend come over and we stayed up late into the night talking. After she left I was tidying up all the toys and getting things settled before going to bed when a man's voice said loud and clear "you are all going to die! Something terrible is going to happen and you will all die!". I was terrified! I was all alone, everybody was upstairs asleep! I ran up the stairs and shook my husband awake. I was crying uncontrollably and spewing madness about what I heard. I noticed the time was around 4am and I was a little worried about waking up the whole house at that time but I was really scared by the voice I heard, aswell as what he said! He sleepily said "Its ok honey, we are all ok, go back to sleep" he must have thought I had a nightmare. but I had been awake downstairs! well, after that I could not go to sleep so I wandered around the house trying to figure out what could possibly be happening. I checked on the kids, unplugged a whole bunch of stuff in the kitchen and even went outside and looked around and checked that the dogs were safe. Needless to say, I was a mess!  A few hours and a whole lot of crying later, I was exhausted and lost. I figured I was not going to get any answers just wandering the house checking windows and doors, so I dragged myself to bed. The next day I explained everything again to my husband and he did think it was weird but what could we do? Nothing was pointing into which direction there might be a threat and maybe it was just a ghost playing tricks??? We had lived there 10 years by this time and always had occurrences in the house since it was the oldest house in the community. It was where the first settlers started building their community. It was around 125 years old. but we had had nothing like this, just a few little things like a woman in old clothes being seen, certainly no disembodied voices or direct contact! Well, as night came so did my anxiety! I had a family movie night with the kids and acted like all was forgotten, but it was still on my mind. I got everybody off to bed, but my 9 year old fell asleep in the lazy boy recliner. Now, I always put the kids to bed even if they fall asleep elsewhere. but as I went to pick him up and carry him upstairs, I thought, awww, he looks so peaceful and I never let him sleep in front of the tv! I'll just leave him and if he wakes up and wants go upstairs on his own, he can. He is getting older now and I remembered when I was a kid, loving to get to sleep in the living room! I put a blanket on him and left  the tv on.  I turned everything else off and took my 4 year old up to bed. He asked me if we could watch tv in my bed, which I was grateful for, since I didn't think i could sleep anytime soon! We were in bed watching tv when my husband who was asleep at the time accidentally knocked the remote under the bed. As I was trying to fish it out, he woke up and said he would go and find a flashlight to help find it. I did not want to turn the light on and wake up my nest full of kids! I had the three little ones sleeping with us that night. By the time he came back I had gotten it myself and in the process the baby had woken up. He laid back down to go back to sleep. But, within minutes, we heard a ruckus outside! First something hit the side of the house, and I thought, what are those dogs doing out there??? But then we heard car tires squealing away from behind our house. My husband jumped up and  I thought he was going to check it out, but he just chalked it up to some stupid teenagers and laid back down. I was trying to get the baby back to sleep so I really wasn't thinking about investigating myself. Well, before you know it the room was filling with smoke. I  thought the ceiling  fan was on fire as it was super warm that day so I had opened the window a crack and turned on the fan. We jumped out of bed and I put all the kids on the floor. I ran to the window and the outside of our house was on fire! We couldn't get out of the house through the hallway as it was too full of smoke! My husband jump out of the our second story window and i threw the kids to him and then jumped out myself, but the older ones were still in there rooms! And my 9 year old was in the living room with all that smoke and fire! It turns out that he had woken to a man saying that "he had to get up now!". When he saw the fire he ran right out the front door. If he had been in his room at the time he would have died (we were in the middle of changing his door over to a new one, so there was no door to shelter him from the smoke and we were unable to access the hallway because of how thick the smoke was).  My other two waited by their window until my husband got there to catch them. We all survived! But the house and all our belongings were destroyed. This was the very next night after I had heard that man saying we were going to die! and if I had not been awake at the time (for fear of going to sleep) we would not have been so lucky! Even one of the police officers said he had never seen that many people in one house get out of a fire ok.  As I sat in a police car and watched the flames bursting out of the side window where my little library was, I remember thinking, all my beloved books! Oh that beautiful book that I had put on top of the book shelf! All gone, all destroyed! After the inspectors deemed the house safe to enter it was apparent that we had lost almost everything! Because the house was so old  the fire had climbed right up the back wall to the roof! The back of the house, kitchen, my bedroom, and bathroom were destroyed. And because it had climbed right up the house, the roof had melted and collapsed on the other bedrooms and then burned them up as well. Our whole upstair was pretty much gone!  My husband and a couple of our friends went through all the debris to find anything that could be salvaged. Because of the hard times we had, a lot of our  bills were behind in payments. We were slowly catching up on them all but the insurance had lapsed. So, we had really lost everything!  Everything in the library area was gone…..just gone! I knew it would be, I saw the fire shooting out of the windows right where the books were. As my husband was cleaning up all the debris in that area, he noticed something gold shining through the rubble. He pulled it out and there it was, the book! How Did that manage to survive when everything around it was completely gone?! And how did the Beautiful gold symbol remain bright and shiny, on both sides, through all that fire, soot, and rubble? Well, the day after my husband brought the book to me, the city came and bulldozed our house with everything still in it, to the ground. We had previously asked the city to not do anything until we found out if the house was able to be saved. It was after all our beloved home! they said they would comply and we contacted a home inspector who told us the house was structurally sound but that it would take a great deal of repairing. We wanted to save it! We then contacted my father inlaw  who told us that we could use his lawyer to deal with the city, so they would not tear the house down. We gave the lawyer everything he needed to deal with the city and thought that it was all settled. But, he had not contacted the city in time. I got a call from a neighbour, who knew our intentions,  stating that the house was gone! The book was the only thing to make it out of the house! So, not only had it weirdly survived the fire, but it just barely survived the destruction of the house! Very strange if you ask me!   We have been working very hard to restore our lives and bring back normalcy for our children. But it has been a huge struggle. We recently thought we were getting on the right track to rebuild and go home. Yes, home! That is what is in our hearts and dreams. We got a notice in the mail that instructed us that if we do not pay for the demolition that the city did, without our ok, that they were going to take the property from us! Well, I have nothing left, it was all taken by some stupid teenagers with nothing better to do then set random fires all over the city! We have been  trying to come up with the money to rebuild. I had some things that were put into storage because we were renovating those ares of the house, before the fire. And those things (that are really not worth much) are being sold.  The other night I was worrying on how we were going to get back home and in my nervous energy I decided to tidy the bathtub toys before I went to bed, when I heard that same male voice! He said "The Book!" I had totally forgotten that I had that book. It has been 2 years now since the fire and that book had been sitting in a kitchen cupboard (there was no place else to put it, since we had no furniture at the time) since the day it was brought here. Totally forgotten and untouched. Well, I would never forget that voice! And this time I was not scared at all. I realized whoever this voice belongs to wants to help. He is our saviour! Without him warning me from the beginning I really don't think we would have all survived that fire! I ran into the living room where my husband had fallen asleep, to wake him up and tell him what I heard, but I noticed the time, 4 am! I decided to wait until morning this time. But I was so full of energy! I took the book down and there she glowed! That beloved symbol…..everything that I care for right there in gold! A mother and her child! I have 7 children who I would do anything for! I knew then what he meant when I heard "The Book"! I do not claim to know if he is a spirit, ghost, or something way more holy. But I do know that he saved us! And that he is connected to this book. I was asking for a miracle in that bathroom, save our land and get us home, and I heard an answer loud and clear! "The Book"!  I am offering this book to go to someone that maybe needs the guidance and protection as we did. I feel that is what I am supposed to do. This was very hard to write down for all the world to see, and some of you out there may think I have lost my marbles or am trying to scam you. But, all I can say is that none of this was fabricated! I told the truth of what happened and how. You can judge if you want, but there are others who have experienced something beyond normal and know that there is something more out there!  Make sure you look at how it came out of the fire. I have done nothing with it other than give it a wipe down with a dry cloth when it was initially brought here 2 years ago. Now, my story is told! I will give you the basic information on this book. I AM OFFERING A VERY RARE LEATHER BOOK ABOUT THE LIFE OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY. 1869 JULIA F. BRADY. THE BOOK FRONT AND BACK IS EMBOSSED WITH GOLD IN THE PICTURE OF THE VIRGIN MARY HOLDING BABY JESUS. THE PAGE ENDS ARE GILTED AS WELL. IT ALSO HAS decorated bands ON THE SPINE. THE FRONT AND BACK IS EMBOSSED WITH  A BEAUTIFUL BORDER. IT IS IN NEED OF A CLEANING BUT I WILL LEAVE THAT UP TO SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO DO IT. THERE ARE SOME SLIGHT CRACKS STARTING ON THE SPINE EDGES. THE PAGES ARE SOUND AND BINDING IS TIGHT! THIS BOOK IS FULL OF BEAUTIFUL ILLISTRATIONS MADE BY FINE ENGRAVINGS ON STEEL. 535 PAGES. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS. PLEASE SEE PICTURES. THIS IS A VERY HEAVY, SOLID BOOK. SO PLEASE PUT THAT INTO CONSIDERATION FOR SHIPPING. THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK! ***PLEASE NOTE: I PAID ALOT FOR THIS BOOK TO BEGIN WITH, IT IS NOT WORTHLESS, SO PLEASE, SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY***

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