Singing Snowmen Vinyl Window Sticker + 32 Snowflake Clings Christmas Decorations

Make a lovely festive window display with a pack of singing snowmen and 2 sheets of Snowflake Window Clings.


Each pack contains 1 sheet with a Singing Snowmen on, and 2 sheets of snowflakes window clings, 14 different designs. 32 snowflakes in total 


Snowmen Size = 210mm by 220mm Snowflake Sizes = 9 x 90mm, 4 x 80mm, 9 x 70mm, and 10 x 50mm 


The laser printed Snowman design can be seen from both sides of the window. 


The window clings are NON- Adhesive, you can move and repositioned them as often as you like. 


So easy and fun to do, you can even let the kids help!


Quickly make you windows look festive, there’s more than enough snowflakes to cover an average size window. 


Just press them onto any clean high shine surface. 


The Clings are non-adhesive, can be moved and reposition as often as you like. 


They can be easily taken down and saved for use another day.


The Snowflakes are very light blue to make them stand out on the backing card. 


They will appear white once positioned on your windows. 


Please note: In the images the backing card has been changed to black so the clings can been seen more clearly. 


White dotted lines have also been added to show the outline of the clings. 



The packs you'll receive will have white backing card and NO DOTTED LINES.