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When Apple first introduced us to the iPad in 2010 they created a new world of tablet computers. Halfway between a smartphone and a laptop, the iPad shares features with both of them, making it a versatile and flexible device. Since launch, Apple has sold over 250million iPads, and tablet computing has come from nowhere to be a part of everyday life.

iPad Models

There have been four models of the full-sized, 9.7” screen iPad so far, plus two models of the lighter iPad Air and three versions of the smaller 7.9” iPad Mini. Each version has improved on the last, adding new technology and faster processors.

  • iPad – no camera, 13.4mm thick, 780g weight
  • iPad 2 – added cameras front and back, 9mm thick, 613g, dual core processor
  • iPad 3 – added retina display and quad core processor, also 9mm thick and increased to 660g
  • iPad 4 – CPU speed increased to 1.4GHz
  • iPad Air – thinner and lighter at 7.5mm thick and 478g
  • iPad Air 2 – even thinner and lighter at 6.1mm and 444g, with faster 1.5GHz tri-core processor
  • iPad Mini – smaller version of the iPad at just 310g, with 1GHz dual core processor
  • iPad Mini 2 – added retina display and 1.3GHz dual core processor
  • iPad Mini 3 – added Touch ID fingerprint security

iPad Features

The Apple iPad has a wide range of features available via its large touch screen, including media streaming, gaming and email. All models are WiFi compatible for internet access and selected models have 3G or 4G connections so you can connect wherever you are.

You can also download countless apps from the App Store, specifically designed to help you make the most of your device, including games, fitness apps and business tools.

iPad Pro

A Sight to be Held

The new iPad Pro takes tablet computing to the next level of productivity and creativity, with a 78% larger screen and new input devices that allow you to do more than ever before for work, video gaming and watching (or even editing) movies.

Bigger and Better

The new iPad Pro comes with a 12.9” screen, compared to the 9.4” screen of its predecessor, the iPad Air 2, making it as tall as the iPad Air 2 is wide. Apple claim that the new screen is the most advanced of any iOS device to date, with a completely re-engineered multi-touch system that increases sensitivity. The stats are certainly impressive:

  • 12.9” screen size
  • 5.million pixels
  • 2732 x 2048 resolution
  • 4K video quality
  • Advanced A9X chip specifically designed for iPad Pro

Best of all, this all comes in a thin, light package that is just 6.9mm deep and weighs just 0.76kg.

Brand New Speaker System

The iPad Pro features an all-new four speaker sound system that is, for the first time, machined directly into the casing. This delivers rich, powerful sound with a broad dynamic range. Smart thinking also means that the speakers adapt to whichever way you hold the device to give the best possible sound balance at any angle.

Apple Pencil

To underline the touch and go simplicity of the original iPad, Steve Jobs once famously said that “if you see a stylus, then we blew it!” – and cynics may say that the new Apple Pencil is just that. However, the Apple Pencil is much more than a simple stylus.

The Apple Pencil is a sophisticated input device that gives you all the accuracy and artistry of a real pencil, allowing you to create incredible designs on screen. You can vary the line weight from a precise engineer’s pencil to a caligrapher’s broad pen, from an artist’s watercolour brush to bold block infill colours, all with accuracy down to a single pixel. Tilt the pencil and you can create all kinds of subtle shading.

What’s more, advanced technology, which scans the device 240 times per second, means that there is no perceptible lag between your movement and the image appearing on the screen, making digital drawing intuitive and responsive like never before. Charged by plugging directly into the iPad Pro, the pencil will give you 30 minutes use from just a 15 second charge.


The new keyboard for the iPad Pro is as smart and easy to use as you would expect from Apple, with no switches or plugs, and no messing about with pairing to your device. The new magnetic connectors take care of everything including power. The keyboard itself is just 4mm thick and is crafted from a single sheet which is water and stain resistant, making it both portable and durable.

Thin, Light and Epic

The new iPad Pro will make you more productive and more creative, with the BBC technology team summing it up perfectly by describing it as a ‘doing device’.

It will be available from November 2015 in the standard Apple colours of gold, silver and space grey.