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Refurbished Smartphones

Refurbished Smartphones – Save up to 32%

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It is amazing to think that the Apple iPhone has only been around for eight years. The ground-breaking smartphone was the first to introduce the idea that our phones could be so much more.

Since it was first launched in 2007, the iPhone has grown in power and features, while shrinking significantly in thickness. The screens have got larger and clearer, while the camera has improved hugely from just 2mp to 8mp, with 12mp rumoured for the iPhone 6S.

iPhone Models

There have been a number of popular iPhone variants down the years, with iPhone ‘s’ models introduced as updates in between brand new iPhone launches, and the new ‘c’ suffix introduced with the iPhone 5 to denote the budget version.

With the latest model, the iPhone 6S launched in September 2015.

iPhone Features

The iPhone puts so many features into the palm of your hand that it has become phone, camera, music player and games machine all rolled into one. With the latest iPhone, you can:

  • Connect to the internet – via WiFi or 3/4G
  • Share social media – via Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Take pictures – either high quality photographs, HD video or slow motion video at up to 240 fps
  • Stream media – watching TV, films and videos
  • Listen to music – either streamed or downloaded from Apple’s iTunes store
  • Play games – with thousands available on the App Store
  • Get directions – including audio sat nav using GPS
  • Ask for help – using Siri as your digital personal assistant
  • FaceTime – enjoying futuristic face to face calls for free

Plus, of course, you can still make phone calls and send texts.