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The Apple Mac was the first ever mass-market personal computer to use a mouse and a graphic interface. Launched in 1984, it has gone through countless changes since, leading to the modern Mac range.

Apple Mac Models

The current Mac range includes four styles of computer:

  • Mac Mini - an entry level unit with no screen or keyboard
  • iMac- a range of all in one computers with integral screen
  • Mac Pro - high powered stand alone towers for advanced media processing
  • MacBook Air & MacBook Pro - Apple's range of laptop computers

Apple Mac Mini

The Mac Mini is a budget desktop unit that measures just 7.7" square by 1.4" deep. The latest models still contain powerful technology however, including a dual core 2.8GHz i5 processor and 8GB RAM.

Apple iMac

The most popular Apple Macs are the all in one iMacs, which are currently produced with either 21.5" or 27" screens and powerful intel i5 or i7 processors. Many previous models are also still available on eBay, including 15", 17" and 20" older versions and more recent 21" and 24" units, running on either core duo or core 2 duo processors.

Apple MacBook

The MacBook laptop range includes the standard 12" screen MacBook, the powerful MacBook Pro, with 13" or 15" screens and the lightweight MacBook Air with 13" or 11" screens.

Apple Mac Pro

As the name suggests, the Mac Pro is the professional end of the range, offering 3.GHz quad core processors and up to 48GB of RAM. Unlike the iMacs, it comes as a base unit with no integral screen.

Apple Mac Software

Apple Mac software, known as OSX, is regularly updated, with the latest version being OSX 10.10 Yosemite. It is known for its intuitive nature that makes it simple to learn and use.