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Photography on Sale!

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The Camera Never Lies...

… but digital photographic software makes it a whole lot easier to smooth out the lines and showcase everyone at their best.

Digital cameras mean that you can play around with your images and snap to your heart’s content. Digital models include different functionality and features including compact, bridge, superzoom and SLR.

Choose from a range of big brands, including Nikon, Canon and Panasonic and you can choose from a capability to suit your needs.

Traditional Cameras

There is a wide range of non-digital cameras to choose from for those who still like to get to grips with the wonders of the dark room.

Photo Accessories

Once you have made your choice, you can then make your camera just how you like it by adding lenses and filters to suit your needs. Photographs can be dramatically changed by small alterations to the filter while your lens will be dictated by the activity you are capturing.

Landscape photography is very different to high octane sports photography or the long, but rewarding, waiting game that is very much part of nature photography – adapt your basic model to make your time out in the field easier.

Much Needed Support

Sometimes in life, you will need to freestyle it – to make your camera an extension of yourself so that you can capture the energy of the moment and so that you, yourself, are almost a part of the photo itself.

There are other times, however, when you will need to use a tripod so that you can steady your hand and snap at leisure.

Choose from a range of tripods to suit your needs. Telescopic tripods are easily transported while out and about, morphing to fit your height requirements. Table top tripods allow you to elevate your camera in a simple and quick way.