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Pre-Owned Sports Memorabilia

Pre-Owned Sports Memorabilia

Own iconic moments from sporting history
Pre-Owned Stamps

Pre-Owned Stamps

Discover stamps from all over the world
Pre-Owned Railway and Trains

Pre-Owned Railway & Trains

Model trains, tracks and more
Pre-Owned Coins

Pre-Owned Coins

Discover coins from all over the world

Latest In Collectables & Antiques

Do you enjoy collecting as a hobby? Our comprehensive range of antiques and collectables offers just what you need to start a collection or add to an existing one. Find contemporary and classic art, antiques, coins, stamps, sports and film memorabilia. Vintage dolls, bears, toys and games, pottery, porcelain and glass, make ideal gifts that will be treasured for years to come. Whatever your taste, you will find a collectable for you, no matter how niche or rare the item.

Collectables - Gotta Catch 'Em All

If you are someone who has to collect them all, then check out what's on sale at eBay - you may be surprised at what collectables people have to offer. You can find premium items, from limited edition Victorian books to Militaria paraphernalia, art stamps, and many other treasures. Don't wait any longer to find that missing piece to your collection, or if you're a new buyer, to embark on that new collectable journey you'd always planned on starting! Pick up a piece of history before someone else does. Or, shop novelty items and grab that 90s whoopie cushion or mixed colour glow sticks.

What's In Your Attic? Antique Auctions

There are so many collectables and antiques up for auction on eBay. With such a huge range from toys, pottery, and sports memorabilia you will be spoilt for choice. Take inspiration from your favourite antiques shows and find yourself a bargain. You won't find better value for money on popular or state of the art items and you can even check out our guide on where to start. If you also find something in your attic you never knew you had, find out its value on eBay, and who knows you could have been hiding a small fortune up there!

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Banknotes, coins, bullion and bars, historical medals, and tokens: whatever your antique coin collection, find that vintage penny in no time when you delve into the coin corner of the antique section on eBay. Bag those rare half dollars, or shop around for a rare silver piece, or a special quarter eagle Coronet gold coin, and sell it back to earn your piece.