Arts & Crafts

Make the most of your creative streak with craft supplies such as cake decorating, jewellery making, rubber stamping and more. Keep the children occupied on a rainy day with projects using paint sets, clay making kits, pens, pencils and paper for free hand drawing. Whether you are a professional craft enthusiast, or you simply enjoy it as a hobby, look no further for all of your crafts requirements - embrace your DIY projects when you shop on eBay!

Get Creative

Find those projects and ideas that tickle your taste buds and get involved with the art community.

Knitting: grab those two needles even if you're a beginner and whip up some wool magic to craft some beautiful knitwear fashion, whether it's some crochet mittens for Christmas or a cosy throw to enhance your home decor. Equally, get inspired by the craft of embroidery and quilt patterns to further your DIY wardrobe, and perfect that stitch. And, of course, a sewing machine is a great investment for those looking to put some serious work in with their fabric.

Personalise your interactions: browse the card making a paper category and make your happy birthday or congratulatory message that much more special with your newly-found special paper craft hobby. Sometimes a recycled flower is all you need to get crafting a special homemade card - not all craft ideas have to be complicated!

Inject some sparkle: crafts aren't just about messy paints and clay sets - have fun constructing some homemade DIY jewellery when you shop all beading and string including pearl beads and pendants, and shop for books to find the best techniques and bead patterns to whet your appetite.

Get Messy

Get your paints, glue and glitter supplies at the ready for fun and inspiring ideas on crafts for the kids. Whether it's squeeze painting thumb-pressed works of art, or papier-mâché holiday ornament masterpieces, stock up on the squeeze bottles, hypoallergenic paint and crafts to get your project going. Whatever the activity, the messier it is, the better! If all else fails, make your very own DIY storage unit as the perfect accessory to keep the mess at bay.