Dell has come a long way from the Texas college dorm room from which Michael Dell first started selling made to order computers. However, the company has remained true to its founding strategy and can still build your PC or laptop to your exact requirements and configure it to order.

Dell laptops and PCs run the Windows (Windows 10) operating system, although some tablets running Android.

The Dell Range

Dell is the third largest computer retailer in the world and the largest retailer of monitors. The Dell range includes:

  • Dell laptops and Dell notebooks
  • Dell desktops and Dell all-in-ones
  • Del tablets and 2-in-1s
  • Dell games consoles and Dell games laptops
  • Dell monitors and Dell printers

Dell Brands

Many of the products within the Dell range are subdivided into Dell brands. These include:

  • Dell Inspiron – the main range of Dell desktop and laptop computers. This includes the Dell Inspiron 300 Desktop, the Dell Inspiron 5000 all-in-one and the Dell Inspiron 7000 all-in-one, as well as the Dell Inspiron 3000 laptop, the Dell Inspiron 500 laptop and the Dell Inspiron 700 laptop.
  • Dell XPS – the brand for Dell’s top of the range desktop and laptop machines, including the Dell XPS laptops, the Dell XPS 8700 tower and the Dell XPS 27 all-in-one
  • Dell Alienware – the dedicated range of Dell games machines, including the Dell Alienware Alpha console, the Dell Alienware X51 desktop and the incredible Dell Alienware Area 51 tower, which claims to have the most advanced GPU on the planet
  • Dell Ultrasharp – the top of the range Dell monitors with HD picture quality

Dell also produces a range of business computers under the Dell Latitude brand and formerly produced PCs under the Dell Dimension brand, which was discontinued in 2007.

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