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Upgrade Your Smartphone for Less

Upgrade Your Smartphone for Less

Samsung and iPhone from £100

The world of electronics is a diverse and dynamic – there’s never been more choice. You can buy by need, by brand or according to price tag.

eBay has a fantastic range of electronics that allows you to browse from the comfort of your own home, checking out reviews as you shop and decide.

The Small Screen

Exciting things have happened to the small screen in the last twenty years. Televisions have slimmed down and are no longer the chunky, heavy things that they once were. Not only have they become very thin, but they have also grown large and even curved.

With picture resolution sharper than ever before, you really lose yourself in what you are watching. Boost your sound quality with a wireless home cinema system or a sound bar option.

The Even Smaller Screen

It’s not just televisions that are changing, but the way in which you watch television. You’re just as likely to watch your programmes on catch up as you are to watch them live. That goes for internet streaming services too. To this end, television watching can take place in every room of the house, using laptops and tablets instead of televisions.

Personal viewing has increased by enormous amounts in the last ten years, so make sure that you have enough devices to keep everyone happy.

Be gentle with the laptop though – with record numbers working from home, it’s probably a very important piece of kit!

Be Snappy

While almost everyone can take a quick picture on their mobile and smartphones, pausing to take a really good picture can capture an unexpected moment.

Digital cameras are fantastic for snapping, catching the perfect image and without worrying about the amount of film being used.