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11 Timeless Designer Handbags

Every Woman Should Own
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Handbags are simply gorgeous. Exquisitely crafted things of wonder in the finest materials and iconic shapes and styles, it is really easy to nail your entire outfit by adding the right bag at the right time.

Trade Up

You already know that handbags are little bits of luxury that can be used every day, even if they don’t come at everyday prices. Well, with eBay, you can shop to your heart’s content. Trade up for the bag that you have been coveting from the pre-owned selection. That way to can add to your growing collection without breaking the bank.

Big Brands

Some design brands showcase their look to the world through their bag designs – and they can count on the rich and famous to help showcase their stylish pieces in some stunning locations all over the world.

You can mirror your style icon by tracking down the bag that they’ve been sporting in the pages of recent magazines to make sure that you are bang on trend in the very best way.

Brands that stand out for all the right reasons include Mulberry, Hermès, Versace and Victoria Beckham.

What A Carry On!

Let’s not forget what bags are used for! Apart from looking great it’s important that you can fit everything you need into your bag.

You might just need enough room for a bank card, lipstick and mobile phone or you might need to a huge tote to transport everything that you need.

Mums know only too well that bags need room for toys, spare nappies, snacks, pens, diaries, purses, phones, tablets, storybooks and wet wipes. While the inside of your bag might be a little unruly, you can make sure that the outside of your bag is as glamorous as you are. Choose from bright colours or iconic patterns to brighten your day.