Hey, Mr DJ

Just what do you want to listen to? And how do you want to hear it? Since the heady days of 33s and 45s the world has enjoyed an explosion of the ways in which we can sample music.

There are few replacements for watching a band live, but there are many other benefits to listening in different ways and in different formats.

Old Skool

Going back to your roots? Many people will be only too familiar with the hiss that means the needle is on the record and it’s about to get going. That’s the sound of vinyl that would let us know it was time to listen up. Single records were the perfect way to spend your pocket money while long players would be listened to over and over again. Then, as once again today, records were investments that reported a good return on investment.

Cassette tape players are also another blast from the past and where would the world be without a mix tape. It was the way to show to your friends exactly what type of music that you liked. It was a labour of love, painstakingly created and timed to fit on the tape.

Digital Decks

That’s not to say that creating a digital playlist isn’t a worthy pastime. Getting the perfect blend of music to work for you exactly how and when you need it is a skill in itself. Today, playlists are used as the backdrop to revision, drifting off to sleep at night and keeping out the stresses and strains of the commute.

Downloading digital tracks is straightforward and simple. If your running playlist isn’t hitting quite the right BPM for your pace, just shuffle your tracks around and get some new killer tunes on board to up the tempo.