Home Office under £100

Home Office under £100

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Office Furniture & Supplies

The office is a crucial environment to design well. Making sure it remains a productive and efficient place, with the right office accessories and supplies, is the priority.

Get It Straight

A successful office environment depends on the organisation, and that includes furniture and its accessories – a good filing system will go a long way to making your life easier. Shop storage solutions and find storage containers such as storage cabinets for important files and stashing office supplies. Similarly, fix those binder troubles with bookcases that can also act as modern displays and the perfect accent to the workspace. Accessories such as colour coding labels will be your ultimate organisation partner. Whatever the troubles, make sure your furniture is as versatile as possible: measure it well for delivery, and make your work the most efficient environment it can be.

Everything You Need to Hand

With a good amount of supplies, stationery and equipment readily available, there’ll be less need to go on a treasure hunt for those adhesives, stamps, permanent markers, ballpoint pens, post-it notes, memory cards, pencils, rubbish bags or ink pads for your inkjet printers. Browse the best supplies, and shop All Electronics to stay on top of your game. Label makers and accessories will be your new best friend.

Take a Seat

Sitting for long periods of time: manageable, or painful. It's important, for your health and safety to choose desks and chairs wisely - whether you want home office desks, the best-selling commercial office desks, swivel chairs and sofa chairs, the right furniture can make or break your productivity. Browse the online help centre for further health and safety queries.

Just as your chair and your desk or table are necessary, the same goes for lighting: ensure that you can always see clearly, and peruse the lamps, lighting, and light bulbs collections to see which style suits your workflow.