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Toys & Games

Keep the children occupied come rain or shine with our range of toys and games. From action figures and dolls with special accessories to outdoor remote control cars and drones, they’re sure to be entertained. Children won’t be able to wait to get out in the garden on a sunny day with paddling pools, swing ball, tents and trampolines. Browse our range of toddler toys for your baby or introduce your pre-schooler to puzzles and board games that have been proven to help jump-start their problem-solving skills through play.

Toy-making is one of the oldest crafts and toys have always played an important role. It’s how toddlers learn about themselves, each other and the world around them. From the very first moment they can grip a toy, they are discovering so much about touch, sensation and their manual dexterity. After all, using a knife and fork and the writing grip is developed earlier in a baby's life through play with toys.

Let’s Build

Construction toys are an ideal way to get children to think in 3D. Metal-based nut and bolt toys such as Meccano, can help to develop a basic knowledge of engineering and aerodynamics, while Lego helps children get to grips with concepts of civil engineering and design. Action figures and dolls, on the other hand, help the child to construct imaginary worlds.

A Toy for the Imagination

Favourite brands, like Mattel and Hasbro, offer toys that are a perfect gift for a child who has been spending too many hours in front of electronic devices. Parents are concerned nowadays about their kids getting most of their entertainment in front of various phone and tablet screens. It's no wonder that orders for analogue toys have been rising in recent years. Sports accessories is another effective way to get kids to play outdoors.

Don't Forget the Pokemon Toys

Certainly one of the hottest 2016 game releases is Pokemon Go by Nintendo. Find cute Pokemon game cards on eBay, as well as various Pokemon monster doll toys for you toddler who might be too young to handle Nintendo games yet.