Playing is one of the most important things that children can do. It’s how they learn about themselves, each other and the world around them. From the very first moment an infant is able to grip a toy, they are discovering so much about touch, sensation and their manual dexterity. After all, using a knife and fork and the writing grip is developed earlier in their lives through play.

Role Play

Learning how to interact with each other is a critical part of socialisation skills and role playing is an essential element in how children learn how to present themselves to the world.

The best part of role playing is that the children are totally unaware that they are building important life skills, such as handling money and cooking for a family. They simply think that they are having a wonderful time playing shop or cooking on their miniature sized kitchen.

Let’s Build

Construction toys are an ideal way to get children to think in 3D. Metal based nut and bolt toys such as Meccano, can help to develop a basic knowledge of engineering and aerodynamics, while Lego helps children get to grips with concepts of civil engineering and design.

It’s not all to do with learning though. Children can disappear into the world of the scenes that they are building and can become part of the story. Suddenly, Star Wars, Superheroes and Disney Princesses are much more tangible and engaging.

Burn off Some Energy

There are few greater places for children to kick back than in the garden. Not only is the fresh air great for them, but they can let their hair down – free from the constraints that being in the house can come with.

Trampolines, swings, slides and other garden sporting equipment like swing ball can keep children occupied and energised – especially throughout the long school summer holidays.