The Xbox Gaming Experience

The Xbox has been around since the turn of the millennium, when the original Xbox games console was launched by Microsoft to rival Sony’s PlayStation 2. The original unit was very popular, selling over 24 million units worldwide, before it was superseded by the Xbox 360 in 2005. This in turn was overtaken by the Xbox One in 2013, which remains Microsoft’s premier games console.

One of the biggest selling points of the Xbox over rival games consoles was the ability to connect easily with gamers worldwide through Xbox Live. This subscription service allows you to take on fellow gamers from across the globe, giving you a whole new challenge every night.

As the Xbox range developed, it evolved into much more than just a video games machine, and became an all round home entertainment centre. The Xbox 360 plays DVDs in high definition, while the Xbox One goes one better with BluRay capabilities. Both machines can also stream live TV and movies from services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, allowing you to watch these services on a huge range of devices, including smartphones, TVs, tablets and laptops.

Another breakthrough for the Xbox range was Kinect technology, which meant that your body could become the controller, allowing a more dynamic and interactive gaming experience. Kinect also allows voice controls for both games and entertainment functions.

With the Xbox One you can even multitask, playing music and games simultaneously, or watching a live football match while on Skype with your friends.

Xbox 360 and Xbox One systems often come as great value bundles, with your favourite games and extra controllers included. You’ll find a huge range of different bundles available along with individual Xbox games and consoles, all at bargain prices.