Xbox 360

Originally launched in 2005, and constantly improved and updated ever since, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has become one of the world’s favourite video game consoles, with over 84 million of them sold across the world.

Here’s our top ten reasons to love the Xbox 360:

  1. It’s a complete multi-media machine for the whole family to enjoy
  2. It streams live TV plus services like Netflix and Amazon Prime
  3. It plays DVDs and high definition movies
  4. It streams your favourite music for free to any of your wireless devices
  5. It has the largest library of Xbox games, with something for everyone, from war games to fantasy role play, from racing to FIFA football, plus of course the addictive Minecraft.
  6. It allows you to play games on your own, with friends or make new friends across the world with Xbox Live
  7. It has the innovative Kinect interface, which allows you to use your voice or your body movements to control games and other functions.
  8. You can use smartphone control to play on the Xbox 360
  9. You can use your smart phone as a second screen with Smart Glass technology to access additional interactive content for TV programmes and films as you watch
  10. Best of all, now that it has been superseded by the Xbox One, you can pick up an Xbox 360 for a song on eBay, giving you an amazing gaming and home entertainment experience for so much less than you might expect.

Like with all technology, just because they’ve brought out a new one, doesn’t stop the previous model being exceptionally good, so snap up a multi-media family entertainment bargain today on eBay and open up a while new world of fun for everyone.