Have Fun and Stay Productive with a 12-Inch Tablet

As tablet and touchscreen technology advances, tablets are becoming increasingly common when replacing laptops at home for entertainment, at school for education, and at work for productivity. There are many different types of tablets on the market and eBay lists multiple manufacturers, with affordable used options, and brand new choices.

What kind of accessories are available for 12-inch tablets?

To enhance the functionality of your tablet, or to protect it from accidental damage, you might consider purchasing additional peripherals. Some of the most common accessories are:

  • Wireless keyboard: Connects to tablets with Bluetooth technology to avoid the hassle of wires. Having a physical keyboard can enhance your productivity and increase typing speed.
  • Stylus: Whether powered or not, a stylus can help you create intricate drawings and designs. It can also help click buttons with accuracy and boost creativity by providing quicker shortcuts and keystrokes.
  • Protective case and screen guard: To prevent scratches and buffs to your treasured tablet, a protective case can help retain residual resale value by maintaining a clean appearance.
What are the most popular operating systems for 12-inch tablets?

There are three dominant operating systems for tablets, each catering to a different need. Although you should refer to a manufacturer's website for details on technical specifications, their individual functionalities are:

  • Windows 10: Identical to the Windows 10 desktop and laptop operating system, it will work with most programs that run on Windows 10, so you can transition between your tablet and computer without needing to adapt to a different operating system.
  • iOS: Works just like Apple’s smartphones, so iPhone users will be familiar with the user interface. It connects seamlessly with the rest of the Apple ecosystem, such as macOS and tvOS, both well known by design professionals.
  • Android: An open source operating system that is available for free, it helps lower the cost of the tablet by reducing software development costs. There are plenty of Android apps on the Google Play store that can be downloaded onto Android tablets.
How long does the battery last on a 12-inch tablet?

While many models can last around 7 hours surfing the internet, some can last even longer. There are some tablets known to last over 12 hours when battery saving mode is used. Individual websites will list specific details.