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128MB SD Camera Memory Card

The most popular memory cards to be used in a camera are Secure Digital, or SD, cards. These are compatible with the majority of digital cameras on the market.

128MB SD camera memory cards are, on average, the most reliable and the most useful size of memory card to buy for your camera. The size of a large postage stamp, SD memory cards secure your digital data by encrypting it on your device.

SD memory cards come in many sizes, but you need to ensure you have enough memory space to save your perfect shot, because if you don't have another card handy you will have to either delete some shots already taken or forget about taking any more photos that day.

How many photos will it hold?

A 128MB SD camera memory card should be more than enough for your photographic needs. The amount of photos it can store depends on your camera. A 2-megapixel camera can store approximately 140 images, but this will vary a lot depending on your camera settings, file types, compression and resolution used.

Key features

128MB SD camera memory cards are small, compact and the most popular type of memory card available, as they are suitable for cameras in particular.

SD memory cards are designed to be used in compact cameras and provide fast transfer speeds from your camera to your computer .

In choosing a capacity of 128MB, you are investing in a high-speed memory card which can help to enhance your camera performance, particularly if you want to take photos in quick succession. They also give you good video recording capability, so you can capture events on film while retaining excellent quality.

SD camera memory cards have been tested for their durability and their ability to withstand knocks, moisture and different temperatures, all without affecting the quality of your photos. Ultimately they are essential storage devices that will retain the quality of your photos taken, while safely storing them.

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